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Posted by Cassandrrra on April 12th, 2009 @ 12:08pm
yes, i know it looks like i dont use this journal.
i usually use it to talk/post/comment different communities i am a part of ;]
but ive decided i would like to use it more.
mostly for my creative writing.

i havent been on much mostly because ive been overloaded with school and all of my army stuff. i am also facing a deployment.  anyways, with school winding down, i can hopefully use this more.
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((FANFIC100)) #026: TEAMMATES [
Posted by Cassandrrra on September 16th, 2007 @ 4:51pm
Title: Pre-game Jitters
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Lisa Turpin and Adrian Pucey
Prompt: Teammates
Word Count: 615
Rating: G
Summary: Adrian and his pre-game jitters.
Author's Notes: i love the idea of a slytherin and ravenclaw together. enjoy, and feel free to comment!

my table
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((FANFIC100)) #060: DRINK [
Posted by Cassandrrra on September 14th, 2007 @ 3:56pm
Title: Chance Encounters
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Lisa Turpin and Adrian Pucey
Prompt: Drink
Word Count: 374
Rating: G
Summary: A chance meeting in the Three Broomsticks leaves Lisa with a free butterbeer.
Author's Notes: i love the idea of a slytherin and ravenclaw together. enjoy, and feel free to comment!

My Table
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Learning To Cope [
Posted by Cassandrrra on September 12th, 2007 @ 11:18am
Fandom: Harry Potter (George Weasley/Other Character)
Author: cyanidecouture
Title: Learning To Cope
Part: Chapter One: Realizations (1/?)
Summary: Estelle is a driven and fun loving young woman. At least, she was. She is constantly reminding of her dead parents and how they died, which was really hard on her. That is, until she ran into George, a great guy she met back in her 7th year of school at St. Mungos' after she had started her internship. Although he has changed drastically, (after the war and stuff, due to Fred dying) they reform their friendship which helps both of them learn to cope and live life a little. (Angst/HurtComfort/Friendship/Romance) ((DH Spoilers))
Rating: PG (Don't let that scare you off though! Higher ratings later on in the series.)
Comments: please tell me what you think, even if its bad! i love love feedback. and enjoy! its my first fanfic.

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Posted by Cassandrrra on July 16th, 2007 @ 10:27pm
Wow. I really must say that this was definitely my favorite of all the movies, and it was one that i was really satisfied with. Of course, i read people's reviews before seeing it, and at first i was scared that it was just going to be a dud. And yes, they did leave out a lot of stuff ((i really wanted to hear Weasley is our King, but i can live,) but honestly, I didn't care. Actually, Goblet of Fire bothered me more. You have to think, thats a lot of book to fit into a movie, and they hit all of the main points. And as for the speed, yes it was a tad fast, but once again it really didn't bother me. I was too busy drooling over Daniel enjoying the movie to care. overall, 4/5 stars.
what i liked:
--»I really think that everyone improved acting wise. Daniel wasn't as awkward, i think he definitely portrayed angsty!harry well. Rupert was just seriously adorable and totally canon. I loved him. this was my favorite performance of his. I was happy with Emma, honestly sometimes she annoys me, but i really happy with her.
--»I loved Imelda (Umbridge)  and Evanna (Luna), naturally. I really liked Helena (Bella) and Gary (Sirius) also.
--»The kiss was hot.
--»Filch made me laugh as usual.
--»I really liked the D.A. scenes too.
--»OMG grawp was cute.
--»i liked the dementors. People said they were cheap looking but i thought they were okay.
--»i really really really loved the department of mysteries scenes, when they got there, when they fought, everything. it really was my favorite part of the movie. I liked dumbledore/voldemort fighting, that was cool.
--»i seriously loved the flashbacks.
--»i liked the newspaper themes. unique ;)
--»and, the truth comes out, all of the guys were totally hot.
what i didn't like:
--»i wish that i could see more of draco, i mean he has a big part in the next book. but i guess he wasn't really a huge part this time, so what can you do. I still wished i could see more of him though :(
--»the way sirius died. i didn't like the veil, it just looked cheap. But i totally had one tear in my eye, which is good i guess. (DONT JUDGE ME i cried when cedric, sirius and dumbledore died. not like, bawled...but you get it.)
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Posted by Cassandrrra on August 16th, 2006 @ 9:18am
well i guess the fight with my dad has shaped up...he's talking to me again haha. anyways, i cant wait for school to start, mostly because i want to see if people have changed [i doubt it though] and to get band out of my schedule!!! haha. but i know in a week after it's started, i will hate it and want to go back. :/ Oh well. OH BUT BUT i hate registration. seriously. All the little freshmen are sizing you up, as well as the other familiar people. And then there are lines of kids and parents, and etc etc etc. just not a fun time!!! :x
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Posted by Cassandrrra on July 29th, 2006 @ 2:44am
well, my dad wants me to join the army. pfft. COME ON do i look like i could join the army, nope. i want to be an interior designer, and yes, even though i would be better off in the army financial wise, its not me. he basically only wants me to do it so i can get free college money. he's not going to like it when i tell him no. oh, and i have no idea how im going  to tell him i want to quit band. but he cant really seriously stop me either. ehh.

anyways, my diet thing sure is going well! XD actually i just started :/ i mean, ive been on it since like monday, but i mean, i slacked a little. but now im serious. haha. 

im nervous about my senior pictures; i will come out like crap!
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